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A picture of Bento Island

Bento Island has brown animals that are called Bento , It is also the island that is pretty much in the middle of the map.

People commonly go to Bento for the Bento hide to make armor.


Bento Island has all of the things in the list below.

9 Small Trees

7 Large Trees
10 Regular Bushes 3 Berry Bushes
2 Water Holes 2 Rock Mines
3 Regular Bento 3 Horned Bento


Starting on Bento Island

The first thing you need to do when you spawn on Bento Island is forage all 9 Small Tree Stumps. With those make 4 Walls. Just keep the last one for later. Then get 5 Small Bush Stumps and make a Large Handle and a Handle. Next get 6 Small Leafs and turn them into 3 Hemp then 3 Rope, Now use only 1 Rope for string. Now use one Rope for a Bucket and one for a Firemaking Bow. After that go and forage 4 Small Stones, turn them both into Cut Stone. Now with that last Small Tree Stump you have make a Handle. Craft the Handle and the Cut Stone into a Stone Pickaxe, Use the other Cut Stone and the string to make a Stone Knife. By now the Trees have probably Regened by now, go forage 2 More Small Tree Stumps and make a Wall. Now go forage 2 large leafs. Now use 2 Walls and Large Leafs to make a Mill and the other 3 Walls and Large Leafs to make a Lumbermill.

You are now all set to build a base, Cook and Mine.

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